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Birthstone Claddagh Ring in Sterling Silver

Birthstone Claddagh Ring in Sterling Silver

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Irish Hallmarked Sterling Silver Claddagh Rings set with CZ Birthstones!

Makes any gift, even for yourself, all the more special. 

Let us know if you wish to personalise further with engraved message.


January's Birthstone is Garnet, a beautiful deep red said to attract love.

February's  Birthstone is Amethyst, a calming purple said to promote sobriety. 

March's Birthstone is Aquamarine, a peaceful protector of those who travel by sea.

April's Birthstone is Diamond, is crystal clear and encourages fearlessness.

May's Birthstone is Emerald, a deep rich green which brings vitality and freshness.

June's Birthstone is Alexandrite, a stunning lilac and is said to promote self-esteem 

July's Birthstone is Ruby, a deep pink to blood red bringing warmth and motivation.

August's Birthstone is Peridot, an apple green which opens our hearts to joy.

September's Birthstone is Sapphire, a rich deep blue said to strengthen integrity.

October's Birthstone is Pink Tourmaline, a warm pink. stone of love and compassion.

November's Birthstone is Citrine, a cheerful yellow which enhances creativity.

December's Birthstone is Topaz, a sky blue promoter of communication.


The Claddagh symbolises Love (the heart), Loyalty (the crown) and Friendship (the hands)  and was historically used as a traditional Irish wedding ring. You wear the heart outwards if you are engaged and inwards if you are married. Now the Claddagh can be worn with heart outwards to indicate you are looking for that special someone or heart inwards to indicate that they've found you.

Cubic Zirconia is a man-made diamond with the same sparkle but at a fraction of the cost. CZ comes in all the precious stone colours.

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