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Birthstone Claddagh Silver Pendant and Silver Chain

Birthstone Claddagh Silver Pendant and Silver Chain

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Irish Hallmarked Sterling Silver Claddagh Pendants with Birthstone Cubic Zirconia and on a 16"  Sterling Silver Curb Chain.

Choosing a  Birthstone Pendant personalises a gift making it all the more heartfelt and special!


January's Birthstone is Garnet, a beautiful deep red said to attract love.

February's  Birthstone is Amethyst, a calming purple said to promote sobriety. 

March's Birthstone is Aquamarine, a peaceful protector of those who travel by sea.

April's Birthstone is Diamond, is crystal clear and encourages fearlessness.

May's Birthstone is Emerald, a deep rich green which brings vitality and freshness.

June's Birthstone is Alexandrite, a stunning lilac and is said to promote self-esteem.

July's Birthstone is Ruby, a deep pink to blood red bringing warmth and motivation.

August's Birthstone is Peridot, an apple green which opens our hearts to joy.

September's Birthstone is Sapphire, a rich deep blue said to strengthen integrity.

October's Birthstone is Pink Tourmaline, a warm pink stone of love and compassion.

November's Birthstone is Citrine, a cheerful yellow which enhances creativity.

December's Birthstone is Topaz, a sky blue promoter of communication.


The Claddagh symbolises love (the heart), loyalty (the crown) and friendship (the hands) and is a beautiful gift for any loved one, even yourself! 

Cubic Zirconia is a man-made diamond with the same sparkle but at a fraction of the cost. 

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